What has happened to the Church?

The Church is not just a physical structure and more than a place where people congregate to worship. The Church is the foundation and pillar of the community and is the body of Christ.

Church rise and take your rightful place as an influencer in society. God is coming back for a Church holy and without spots. Let all the filthy garments be replaced with the robe of righteousness. Sanctify yourselves, be holy. Plead for mercy and he will hear. God wants the Church to be hot and on fire, not cold or lukewarm. The fire of God must burn bright to expel the darkness around us.

Revival is coming

Jesus is coming back soon, his bride must be ready for his second coming. Wake up ye church, wake up from your slumber for the time draweth nigh. Sleeping? Rise up, rise up. Revival is coming like a thief in the night. God wants to send a revival so we need to be ready.

He will pour out his Spirit on all people, miracles, signs, and wonders are coming. Though it tarries, wait it is near. The glory of the Lord will be revealed and his presence will be so evident it will not be mistaken.

These are the end days, dark times are everywhere. It won’t be long now.

The Church is relevant

People seemed to have time to do everything else and go everywhere else, but neglect going to Church. Yes, it is good that we have the technology and devices in our homes that we can stay home and have Church. The pandemic showed how important these technologies are.

Yet, God wants us to fellowship together, meet face to face, share communion and his grace. “They were all in one accord in one place, (Acts 2:1 KJV). The Holy Spirit came and they were all filled. They received power and gifts to go out and preach the word of God.

In time past, people used to be more dedicated to Christianity and more inclined to follow the word of God. These days there are so many different distractions and Sunday is just another day of the week to go on with normal life. One day should be set aside to rest and fellowship with other believers. This will strengthen your faith and the body of Christ.

Get involved

Sunday school for children, bible classes, and marriage counseling sessions for couples. These are not given the priority that they should. When these are put as the pillar then the Church and the community will be stronger. Strong moral values and discipline is learned in the home and Church. Spiritual and biblical values and etiquettes are taught in Church. These values are priceless and help to groom people for the long journey of life. Godly principles, if followed will lead to blessing, good life, and a solid foundation. Therefore it’s only right to choose God’s way for your family.

The Church is the backbone for family relationships

With so many different mediums to assist with parenting, families are bombarded with an overload of information and often neglect the Church. The Church should still be the root of the family. The place we can all run to when we are faced with life’s problems.

The solutions to most of the problems that people will face are already given in the bible. If then, the bible is the blueprint for the Church, why are people not following it? Some people rather look to popular blogs and TV reality shows to find the answers to daily problems. Church, rise up, and partner with the family. Families need help to get back to being the pillar of society.


Forgiveness is a major key in keeping marriages together.  Many of the marriages that ended in divorce might have been avoided if Jesus was the center and the Church the root of that marriage. Forgiveness should be taught in every Church message so that it cannot be overlooked. People are humans and will oftentimes make foolish decisions that might affect others negatively.

A forgiving heart will cause marriages heading to a divorce to turn around. A forgiving heart will cause wandering children to go back home to their parents. Bringing the prodigals home. A forgiving heart will mend the rift between brothers and sisters. Families can live in harmony and unity because of forgiveness. Let us let go of the past.

Church the welcoming tower

Does the Church welcome all? The bible says “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest,” (Matthew 11:28 KJV). Jesus welcomed all; he ate with the tax collector Zacchaeus and pardoned the lady that was caught in adultery.

Christians should be the welcoming hand of God. Calling all to come to him and into his kingdom. It doesn’t matter where they come from, their background, or their status in life. The Church should accept all people. Jesus said “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance, (Luke 5:32 KJV). The Lord’s house then is the outstretched arms of the father calling all to come and taste and see.

Too many Churches have lost their focus.  It should not be about the money, tithe and offering, and the splendor of the Church building. The people, broken, wounded, and fighting for life and survival are still the reason he came. The Church needs to find them and bind up their wounds so they can go rejoicing, praising the Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome the lost.

Church the role model

The Church needs to place more emphasis on fulfilling the mandate of God. Build up the people that are falling. Pastors, ministers, counselors, know your flock. Take time out to see and help the families that are struggling with financial needs. See those couples that are contemplating divorce. Talk to them. How will you know what issues your flock is facing unless you take time out and get to know them?

Once you know them, then they will also know you. Families feel more comfortable talking to people they know and trust about their problems. Build relationships with your members, build them up. Lift up the weak. Carry each other’s burdens. Let’s get back to the basics.

Each member has a part to play in building up the body of Christ. Too often the attitude and actions of Christians forced others to turn away from the Church. Each person must set examples of a true follower of Jesus. The Church must teach God’s word and encourage its members to follow the ways of Christ.

Church in the home

The church should also encourage members to spend quality time in family devotions. The church is just one of the places for worship. Worship should also take place in the home. Parents should bond by talking with their children about the word of God. Read the bible together as a family. Worship and pray for each other’s needs and the family as a whole. Drive the enemy out of our homes, Church, and society.

Church home away from home

Some believers spend so much time hopping from Church to Church that they never settle down. They might be looking for that close relationship that is one on one with Jesus.

So many lose out on the closeness of fellowshipping and getting to know other Christians; because they run, helter-skelter here and there. The Church should nurture the needs of Christians and encourage people to join and settle.

The center of attention for the Church should be on Christ, then on families. But how many Churches are committed to this? It’s a wonder so many aren’t settling down, unable to find a Church to call home. Why, because some Church doesn’t fulfill all the needs of their members or live up to their expectations. They might say they do this but, when you get there, they are doing something else. The bible is still the map for every church and should be followed unwaveringly.

Build a warm, welcoming atmosphere where members are enticed to participate and put down roots.

The Church is under attack

The Church is in a fight against the devil whose plan is to steal, kill and destroy. Christians must wage war against the devil and not back down. The enemy wants people to live broken lives and face hardship. This way they won’t be able to see and experience the great things that Jesus made available.

The devil uses tactics such as divorce, hurt, and separation to destroy families. When families are broken then the body of Christ is not whole. People will turn away from God when they are facing constant, hardship that seemed insurmountable.

They will not think that this is the time to run to Jesus. Instead, they might be wondering where Jesus is in all the chaos, and run from him. Jesus wants families and the Church to thrive and be strong.

Prayer for the Church

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name. I pray that all the Churches all over the world will unite and become one body. After all, you are still and will forever be the center and the head of the Church. Help brothers and sisters to live in harmony and proclaim the gospel to all the nations. Father guide and protect each Church leader, help them to follow your mandate, and do your perfect will.  Father bless us today and always. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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