Why are people afraid of change?

We fail at accepting change more than we should. Why? We are often afraid of change. People are reluctant to leave their comfort zone and venture out into the unknown. Because people are more comfortable with accepting what they already know. It is all about being tried, proven, and accepted.

Many are afraid of taking the plunge, but change doesn’t have to be “diving in”. It can be a multiple of baby steps. Know what you fear, admit that you are fearful, then conquer that fear. This is the best strategy to deal with change. We should not in any circumstances settle for less than what we deserve.

Change can be good, so why do people fear it? Here are a few reasons why people are afraid of change:

Fear of starting over

Some people rather stay in an uncomfortable situation or relationship that is going nowhere, rather than look for a way out. Sometimes even the idea of looking for a new path scares them. It’s a case of sticking to the evil that they know rather than going out into unfamiliar territories. Fear can be crippling, and this is what causes many never to get to their desired destination.

“New” and “different” can be frightening words for those who resist change. But we need to embrace these words for growth. Growth sometimes means letting go and moving on.

Fear of criticism

People are afraid of what others will think of them if they try to change. Maybe, some might think they are not worthy of a better life. Some might shrink back because of discouragement and poor advice from people that they look up to. To get to the top, we have to know our true identity and not let anyone deter or stop us from fulfilling our God-given destiny. People will always talk, people will always criticize, people will always try to put you down, but stand firm and believe in yourself.

Fear of success

Some people desire success but are afraid of going for it. They worry that they might not enjoy it or that it might negatively change them. This also relates to “fear of the unknown.” Some people worry about the pressure from others, and the expectations of this new level that they will attain. To some it might even be the biggest step of their lives, it can indeed be scary. But we all need to start somewhere, and small steps are sometimes as big as giant leaps.

Fear of failure

People are afraid of failure. Many have different views about failure. They are scared of feeling like a time-waster and a loser. So rather than taking a chance and move forward, many give up and refuse to try. Go for it, let your bright light shine and radiate out to those in darkness.

You have already failed if you do not try. Do not be afraid. Step out in faith.

Rise above your fear and go for it. All things are possible to him that believes. If you do not believe in yourself who will.

Fear of pain and discomfort

Change most times brings some form of discomfort. It requires moving from a state of familiarity to unfamiliarity. Many want the change but not the discomfort. For example, it’s hard to understand why someone would stay in a toxic relationship rather than moving on and accepting a new life. The unknown can be frightening, and cause some people to be afraid of change.

Lack of self-confidence

Some people are just pessimists and always willing to see the bad in everything. We have to tell ourselves that we can do this, that we can do anything we set our minds to. But if we procrastinate and put ourselves down then it will be harder to achieve success. Some people always tell themselves that, “I can’t do this.”. “I will fail.” “I will get hurt.” While some ask themselves. “ What if I fail?” What if I make a mistake?” “What if  things get worst?” We just need to get rid of these negative mentality and push towards the mark and be bold and positive.

Overactive imagination

Some people look too far ahead and calculate every step, even before they venture out. They might look at every possible outcome of their actions ahead of time and choose to accept that the worst will happen. But why not choose to believe for the best, rather than wasting time believing for the worst. Look towards the future with optimism, this will lessen the fear of the unknown. Taking things one day at a time and in strides is a good way to overcome being overwhelmed by the fear of change.

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:34 KJV

Change is scary, but do not be afraid of change. For all, you know change is afraid of you.

Prayer against the fear of change

Dear heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Father, please give me the courage not to fear change but to embrace it with confidence. Father, please remove all fear, so I can rest in the assurance that your plans for me are of good and not of evil, to give me an expected end. Lord let me know that you will never leave me nor forsake me.  Father help me to put my faith and trust in you. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray. Amen.