I am moving forward in Jesus’ name.

I am achieving my destiny.

I am successful.

I am possessing my possession, In Jesus’ name.

I am taking back everything that was stolen from me.

I am promoted to higher heights.

I call forth all my blessings to come to me from the East, West, North and south.


You are going to higher heights.

The things that stop you last year must not stop you this year.

Be motivated to achieve your goals and dreams.

All hindrances to your promotion and breakthrough are removed today.

All traps and snares of the enemy are broken from off your life.

Anyone standing in your way of happiness and prosperity must move today.


Speak the word of the father over yourself and family.

Call forth those things that are not as if they were.

Declare and decree words of life and power.

Repeat affirmations of empowerment.


Jesus, I am grateful and thankful for what you did for me yesterday.

I am grateful and thankful for what you are doing today.

I am grateful and thankful for what you will do tomorrow.

Lord my days are in your hands.


Thank you for the things you did for me yesterday.

Thank you for the things you are doing today.

Thank you for the things you will do tomorrow.


I have had enough.

I am pushing back.

My enemies must move.

I am taking back my life.

I am getting results.

All obstacles must move.

I am bold as a lion.

I refuse to stay in this mess.

Today things must change.

I am ready for my new beginning.

I am determine to get there.

Discouragement go

We fight against the spirit of discouragement and fear.

Strong man wrestling against the will of God be gone.

You will not win or prevail against the lord’s anointed.

You are defeated by the blood of Jesus.

Spirit of giving up and staying bound must leave today.

Gates of perseverance and courage be open up over your life today.

Blessings and prosperity flow.

Confusion and discouragement go.

I aim to please you Lord

Let my ways please you Lord.

Let my words please you Lord.

Let me please you Lord.

Father please break the power of darkness from my spirit, soul and mind.

Let me walk in favour.

The word of the lord will break the power of the enemy.

Just trust God and believe what he says.

Trust in the Lord

Trust in the might power of God. He is in the midst.

Trust in the resurrection power of God.

Trust in the mighty hands of God.