God, you are awesome

Father thank you that you are a faithful God.

You do not hold our sins against us.

Father you love all your children, you called us your own.

Thank you for redeeming us back to you. We owe you everything.

You save us and rescue us from sin, hell, and the grave.

Your name Jesus is the greatest name above all others.

You reign high above all other kings.

You are the light shining in this dark world.

We look to you Jesus, you are all we need.

Who is like you? No one.

We searched, but could not find another.

You are the only wise, strong, and powerful God.

Thank you Jesus that you came running after us.

When others left us, you stood with us through thick and thin.

We know you will never leave us nor forsake us.

Father, please give us the grace to walk in your ways.

Your mercy and faithfulness are unchanging.

Your goodness, kindness, and love are like none other.

Lord, you are my strength. Nothing and no one is like you. You are the light in my life and the beat in my heart.

Jesus, you are my peace and my joy.

Jesus, thank you for your love. It will last forever and keep me to the end of my days.
You are the bright light that erases all darkness from my heart.
Jesus, my heart is yours.
I am happy to be called your own.
Jesus, you are my everything.

Jesus, thank you for binding up all my wounds.
Thank you for healing my broken heart.
Thank you Jesus for your blood.
Thank you for setting this captive free.

You are Awesome