O Lord deliver me from my enemies

Deliver me from my enemies, Lord

My enemies are too many to fight

They come in different shapes, forms, and size

They surround me like a pillar

Towering, blocking the light

Lord, they are outside waiting for me

Some are beating down my doors

Others are sneaking through my window

Many have dug pits for me

Lord you see my heart

I have done them no evil

Yet they want to destroy me

They envy me

because you have blessed me

They want to take 

what you have given  to me

They wait to see me fall

They keep coming refusing to give up

I look and I think they are gone

Yet they come back every night

Howling insults and profanity

They speak evil against me

Their words are like a dagger

piercing into my heat

Attacking my pride and dignity

Father, how much more can I bear?

Please, Lord, arise and come to my rescue

O Lord my God please deliver me from my enemies

Deliver me from all the workers of iniquity

Lord show them your hand of vengeance

Stop them in their tracks

Let all my enemies flee from my sight

Let them repent and become my footstool

Lord God of vengeance

I wait on you to avenge me

Bring my enemies down Lord

Silence their evil tongue

Lord let me sing praise to your name

Because you have delivered me from 

those that were too strong for me

I will shout for joy

because you have delivered me from

my enemies.

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