“A blurry vision is a hindrance.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“You must know what you want from today unless you will have to settle for what you get.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“It’s best that some people, walk away from you because you might never have the will to leave.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“When they walk away from you, move on, don’t waste time waiting for them to come back.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“I will not believe the lies of the devil, father only your truth.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“I trust you lord. I do not care what the world says. I only care what you said in your word.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Circumstances change but, the word of God remains firm.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“God can do it just believe that he can, and he will do it.” sweetwordsoflife.com

“God is working behind the scenes, he is the Writer, Producer, and the Director of your story. Wait, there’s a happy ending.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Jesus is the best friend anyone could ever have.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Holy Spirit, open my eyes so I can see your glory.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Shout now, the battle is won.”- sweetwordsoflife.com

“Don’t let go of God, cling to him he will come through for you.” sweetwordsoflife.com

“Father, remove the veil, let me see.”- sweetwordsoflife.com

“Shout now, you have the victory.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Father let us know your truth, and experience your freedom.”- sweetwordsoflife.com

“Father let me reflect your glory and your light.”- sweetwordsoflife.com

“Trust in the might power of God. He is in the midst.” – swetwordsoflife.com

“Trust in the resurrection power of God.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Trust in the mighty hands of God.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“I aim to please you Lord.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Let my ways please you.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Let my words please you.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Let me please you.” – sweetwordsoflife.com

“Trust him for a blessing. He is the God of all abundance.” – sweetwordsoflife.com