14 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship With Your Kids

 You should do your best to build a strong relationship with your kids. In today’s society, families have full schedules, which suggests that a critical piece of the time they spend together is while rushing from one thing to another. Time in the car, going to soccer practice, trips to the dentist. In reality, we have to make the time. Despite household chores and everything else, it is up to us as parents to figure out how we will build stronger relationships with our kids. Here are 14 suggestions on how to build strong relationships with your kids:

1. Spend Quality Time

These days people seem not to have enough time to do the things they need to do. Nevertheless, we must always find time to spend with our kids. They grow up so fast, so the time spent with them is invaluable. Time spent is an investment and will pay off in the long run. Time is needed to show them and train them in the way that they should go. Spend time and teach your kids right from wrong. Too many parents leave it up to their friends and the people that they will meet. Spend quality time together and build a strong relationship with your kids.

2. Pray Together

Pray with your kids. Start from an early age. When you are teaching ABC teach them “God is love.” Then move to short prayers. Teach them to say prayers before eating, in the morning, and when going to bed. This will eventually become a habit and good habits can also be hard to break. Pray together as a family. Let God be the center of your life.

3. Keep Family Devotions

Spend time with your family in prayer and devotions. Set aside time and days of the week for devotion. Do not exclude anyone, all should be present and let it become a family tradition.

4. Show Love

Express love to your children. Do not only say “I love you” but, show them how much you love them. Never neglect to assure them that nothing they can do will ever make you love them less. This is the Godly principle. Give good gifts to your children, do not hold back the things they need to get ahead in life. Be a loving considerate parent.“Let all your things be done with charity,”(1 Corinthians 16:14 )


5. Respect Them

Respect goes both ways. Sometimes parents expect respect from their children but fail to show respect. Always remember respect is a two-way street. Giving and receiving.“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it,”(Proverbs 22:6 KJV).

6. Give Space and Privacy

Parents should give their kids privacy but should consider what amount of privacy is necessary based on age. Teenagers are expecting more respect for their space and freedom. Always keep a close eye on your kids. It doesn’t matter the age. Too much freedom and not enough supervisor can lead to poor judgment and lasting negative consequences.

7. Have Fun Together

Make time to do fun things with your kids. Find out what they are interested in and do it with them. Some may like outdoor activities, and nature; plan outings and trips accordingly. Spend time doing the simple things, this is a good way to build lasting strong relationships. Togetherness strengthens bonds.

8. Listen to Your Children

Sometimes we listen, but just do not hear. Our minds might be preoccupied with all the clutter of everyday life. Problems at work, financial woes, and stress. Your child might be speaking in a subtle and unspoken language but you missed it. Always be alert, listen with a parental ear. Give wise advice and do not ignore the smallest clue that something might be wrong. If you listen and hear what your kids are saying then; you will most likely understand them better.

9. Show Affection

Kids need to feel appreciated, love, and respected. Be an affectionate and caring parent. Kids need a hug every now and then. A hug or a pat on the shoulder reinforces appreciation and love.

10. Talk about your faith journey

Tell your kids, how you became a Christian, what led you to Jesus. Tell them a story of your parent’s faith-based journey. This will help to encourage and build up their faith in Christ. Explain how you found your identity in Christ. Stories of past trials and how you overcame with help build strong character.

11. Get your kids involve

Whatever age they are, you can still build closeness with your kids by including them in household activities. Ask for help with making dinner, baking, doing the laundry, etc. Helping with chores is for both boys and girls. This will not only bring closeness but fosters a sense of responsibility and willingness to learn. They will grow up with the same attitude which they can pass on to their children as well.

12. Encourage openness and honestly

Parents should cultivate an environment of openness and honesty in their homes. Children should be encouraged to ask their parents questions and get an honest answer. Do not hide away from difficult issues. Confront them head-on, your children will respect your honesty. They will eventually find out one way or another. Be a good guide, so they can come to you with whatever they are facing. Work hard to build a strong relationship with your kids.

13. Eat meals together

Try and eat meals together. Sometimes breakfast is a rush but, still rush through it together. There is always a few minutes to chat or to see your children’s expression. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to see that something is amiss. Dinner time is also a good time to sit and eat together. Always start with a prayer of thanksgiving, take the time to talk to your children.

14. Go to Church together

Take your children to church with you. Build strong roots by being part of a church community. Do not leave your children behind, let them be a part of Sunday school. Encourage them to take part in Church activities. Get involved with what they are doing in Church. This will build stronger family bonds.

Prayer to build a strong relationship with your kids

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you that you have given me such wonderful children. Father, please help me to be a good parent. Show me how to understand my children more. Lord build a strong relationship between us, bind us with cords of love and strength. Please let there be mutual respect and harmony in our home. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.