12 Ways to Communicate Better With Your Wife

Life is hectic and we are always rushing to catch up with one thing or another. Sometimes we make the mistake of forgetting the people that matter the most to us. Poor communication is a major cause of many breakups of marriages. Couples need to know each other’s likes and dislikes in order to avoid confusion. Confusion and misunderstanding will hinder progress. When you know your spouse then you will know what to do to keep them happy and make them feel special. Here are 12 ways you can communicate better with your wife.

1. Give her your full attention

It is important to speak to your wife in a way that shows that you are interested in what she has to say. Always give your full attention when she is speaking. Do not be on your phone, Facebook, and Instagram, and only look up to say “Yeah I agree”. Your wife will notice your lack of interest; even if she doesn’t say anything to you. Just know that she has it at the back of her mind. The next time she wants to talk she might not be so inclined to come to you. This is how communication starts to break down, slowly but surely.

2. Look for the hidden message in her conversation

Sometimes women say a lot but do not say what they mean to say. Always be on the lookout for hidden clues in her message, as to what she wants you to do. There is always a call to action, somewhere in her conversation. If you do not listen attentively, you might miss what she wants to relate to you.

3. Take note of the tone of her voice and mood

Know your wife’s mood, try and understand her mood. You should know when she is feeling down, just from her actions, rather than waiting for her to say it. You should know what to do to make her feel better without her telling you what to you. These are things that will show her, that you are aware of her on all levels.

4. Find the best way to resolve differences without arguments

Couples disagree, but let it not be often with you and your wife. If you find that you are always the one starting the argument then don’t. Avoid the issues and topics that will most likely result in an argument. If they cannot be avoided then find a subtle way to confront them. Check your wife’s mood and know when is the best time.

5. Write her love notes

Sometimes it’s easier to put into writing words that we find hard to say. Send your wife a text, leave a note for her on the fridge or kitchen table. This is also a good way of building closeness.

6. Try not to control your wife

Do not boss your wife around. Treat her as an equal and with respect. Respect is vital in all healthy relationships. Show respect, treat your wife the way you want to be treated. Let your words be gentle, calming, and reassuring. Be the pillar that your wife can lean on.

7. Give your wife space

Don’t scrutinize your wife’s every move. Do not be the stalker in her life. Trailing her, when she says she is going to the supermarket, is wrong. Trust her. Without trust, a marriage will fail. Sometimes you will be together and other times alone. You both need to seek God together and by yourself. Your wife also needs her space to grow.

8. Find time to spend together

We all live in a fast pace society, always on the go. Too much to do and so little time, Yet we should make time to spend with the ones that are important to us. Spend quality time with your wife. This is how you will learn more about her. This is how you will grow together. Spend time doing the things you both enjoy doing. Spend quality time with God in prayer. Set aside time for family devotion and prayer.

9. Show respect

Respect your wife; respect her as a person and respect her wishes. Do not go against what she wants. Do not search her phone or hack into her Facebook account. Respect her privacy and expect her to do the same for you.

10. Include her in all social media list

Let the world know that you are married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Do not hide the truth. Let your wife be your best friend and the one you are most proud of. Let her know this daily.

11. Do not keep bringing up the past

Let the past be bygones. Do not keep bringing it up. People make mistakes and so did your wife. Do not keep judging her and reminding her of the past. Move past the past. Try and focus only on the good memories from way back when. Leave the bitter memories behind.

12. Say Sorry

Do not be afraid to tell your wife sorry, when you are wrong. Accept your mistakes and own up to them like a man. She will respect you more if she knows that you are honest about your actions. This will bring a feeling of assurance and trust.

Prayer to communicate better with your wife

Dear Heavenly, Father I thank you that you are a loving Father. Show me how to be a good husband to my wife. Help me to love and appreciate her more each day. Father, please let there be openness and honesty in our marriage. Let there always be good communication between us. Father let us grow together in love and harmony. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen